Let’s Bring The California Dream Eater To Oakhurst

Let’s Bring The California Dream Eater To Oakhurst!

California Dream Eater,” sponsored by Visit California, is asking for plate photo submissions for their ‘eatertainment’ series. Help us spread the word that SGBC is one of the best places to eat at Yosemite’s South Gate!

Who is the California Dream Eater? Chase Ramsey is a guy who proudly, passionately and hilariously eats the best things in California on behalf of foodies everywhere. As the culinary connoisseur of Visit California – the tourism commission for the state – Chase is the perfect guide to help visitors discover some of the best restaurants and eateries.

How to submit a photo: California Dream Eater is accepting submissions for Chase’s California tour, so get ready to start sending your submissions!

1. Take a photo following these guidelines
– Amateur-style photos, could have been taken by Chase himself
– Un-edited/filtered images
– Original, not previously shared by another social profile
– Capture a sense of place whenever possible
– No people, hands or dining partners in image foreground
– Capture the full plate in frame; avoid super close-up images
– People acceptable in the background/out of focus

2. Upload to your Instagram account and tag your photo @CaliforniaDreamEater and use #DreamEats. Don’t forget to also tag @SouthGateBrewCo.

Sample images:

sgbc1 sgbc2 sgbc3 sgbc4

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